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Courtesy Pay – This program only covers Checks and ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions. There is a $35 fee per occurrence for this type of transfer.  We limit the daily number of fees that can be assessed against an account to 5.

Courtesy Pay for Everyday Debit Card Purchases (Additional- OPT in required) – The Courtesy Pay for VISA debit card transactions are not covered unless you OPT IN by filling out and submitting the information below.  Once you OPT In, you are automatically provided funds to cover the negative balance. This program provides the choice of paying or not paying Everyday Debit Card transaction as covered by Regulation E. First Texoma National Bank pays overdrafts at our discretion, First Texoma National Bank does not guarantee that payment will always be authorized and paid. If two or more consumers jointly hold an account, the consent or revocation of one consumer is treated as applying to the account, and will bind all holders of the account. You will be charged $35 when you don't have enough money in your checking account to cover a transaction.

Below are the several overdraft programs First Texoma National Bank provides to meet your financial needs:

  • First Checking - $300 Overdraft Protection
  • First Advantage Checking - $500 Overdraft Protection
  • First NOW Checking -  $500 Overdraft Protection
  • Group Checking - $300 Overdraft Protection

Questions and Answers:

Can a fee be charged even if an item is not paid?

Yes, if you have exhausted your limits for any of the programs you have/qualify, you may still be charged a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee for each item

Can I be charged a fee even if I chose not to Opt In, or I Opt Out of, the Everyday Debit Card Purchase program as covered by Regulation E?

Yes, though your Everyday Debit card purchases will be rejected at point of purchase/sale, Checks and ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions presented can be assessed a fee.

Can I be charged multiple fees for the same item?

Yes, merchants may present items such as checks and automated debits more than once.

Why should I consider Courtesy Pay for my checking account?

FTNB provides overdraft programs to suit your needs. Instead of taking the chance of having a transaction declined and potential embarrassment, Courtesy Pay may alleviate that worry.

What is Regulation E?

Regulation E is a Federal Reserve Requirement requiring consumer to Opt In, or affirmatively consent, to the institution’s overdraft service for Everyday Debit Card transactions, before overdraft fees may be assessed for these types of transaction. The rule also provides consumers the ongoing right to revoke consent.

Opt-In Authorization

Please Note: I authorize First Texoma National Bank to pay overdrafts on my ATM and debit card transactions.

*Required Fields
**The regulation requires you to list every account number for which you desire overdraft protection.

You have the right to revoke such consent at any time.

Print this page for your records.

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